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ACF – November 20, 2019

Back Squat:
Descending reps here but we don’t want you setting a 10RM PR on your first set. Ideally, we want to see an increase in weight with each set, ending with a heavy set of two. Get in one set every 3min to maximize intensity with every set.

Optional Accessory:
Run 800 meters x 3
Rest 3 min between each effort.

ACF – Thanksgiving Day WOD

ACF Family, this year for our Thanksgiving Day WOD we will to participate in the
Walk/Run to Stock the Food Closet 

The event is located in downtown auburn and benefits the Auburn Interfaith Food Closet Thanksgiving Morning.

I look forward to our ACF family coming out to show our support for such a worthy event. We will meet at ACF @ 8:30am for coffee and a brief warmup prior to heading down as a group  to Central Square for the start @ 9:00am. So, throw on your ACF shirts, bring the family and maybe a canned good (or any donation you may be able to make)  and we will see you @ 8:30 Thanksgiving morning 🦃 





ACF – November 18, 2019

Short and a burner today! Only 1 climb so the goal is to get on the rope quickly. If you are unable to climb the rope all the way to the top and can only get 2-3 pulls stay with it as that will still add value to your progression. The bar is coming from the hang and will tax the grip a bit so this is a great time to practice and  utilize the hook grip. Loading is on the heavier side but something you should be able to fight through to get all 3 in a row. Focus on consistency and adjust loading as needed.

ACF – November 15, 2019

21-15-9 Working with a heavier wall ball today since the reps are lower.  Try and get the wall balls done within three sets each round with minimal break. The 95/65 lb bar is going to be sneaky since the loading is something you should be able to cycle quickly. Try to avoid singles here and have try a few touch and go reps focusing on the pull under the bar to save your shoulders a bit. Goal is sub 11min. The combo of movements is going to be a shoulder and lung burner!

ACF – November 12, 2019


Clean complex for a heavy day! Build up to a heavy set for your first work set with the goal of no failed reps. Your focus is on quality mechanics over weight. Each person will have a limiting factor whether it be the clean, front squat, or split jerk. Let that be a guide for how heavy you go.  Adjust loading in the workout to make sure of no failed reps.  Having quality mechanics in weightlifting will pay off immensely in the long run!  Rest 3min between efforts.

ACF – November 7, 2019


Switching things up today with the order of things which is good to do every once in a while. The run/row combo should be something people are fighting to keep around the 2 min mark for each movement, each round. No more than 2:30. If it’s any slower than that cut down the distance so you can keep the stimulus of the workout.

Hang Power Snatch:
Finishing with some heavy work on the min. After warming up start with some weight you are very confident with. Adjust as you go through the EMOM and build as you like. Focus should still be on quality foot position and movement. A missed rep should be a full snatch. If that is the case back off on the weight so you can get back to the power position.

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