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ACF – May 17, 2019



In honor of Navy Chief Petty Officer Mark Carter, 27, of Virginia Beach, VA who was killed in Iraq on December 11th, 2007.

High rep and light weight here. Work on cycling the barbell to keep moving. If possible 12-10-8 is a great approach to this so you can keep moving but also be smart with the pacing. Same could be said for the pull ups depending on your capacity here. If you need to go to smaller sets just keep the rest short. For some of us either the WL or PU is going to be a strength so if you want to do bigger sets and can hold onto it fire away. Either way push the pace on the run and don’t have this be a “recovery” for you. Be smart with it but work hard.

ACF – May 16, 2019



Some descending reps here with DB Buprees, T2B, and DU. The DB Buprees are obviously not going overhead. Make sure to do your best to flatten that back out before standing up with the dumbbells. If you can get even a small jump off the floor great. If not, you can just stand tall like the top of a deadlift. T2B will have your grip a bit taxed but you should still be able to do these in no more than 2-3 sets for any round. Keep those shoulders relaxed and try to get big sets on the DU’s to keep moving. If you’re not sure about making the goal time domain lower the weight OR you can keep it and take off the first round.

Optional Accessory:

Tabata KB Front Rack Carry

8 Rounds: :20 sec work / :10 sec rest

Athlete chooses the weight

Fun one with some static holds. Do your best to not let the KBs rest on top of your shoulders but keep them in a true front rack position.

ACF – May 15, 2019


Heavy day for the week with some power lifts! Sumo Deadlift is going to hit up the glutes more so make sure to get good and warm and pay attention to how you feel during the build up sets. Rep ranges will vary so try to keep that set of 5 consistent with loading and increase the weight on the other rep schemes. Rest 2-3 min between each set.

DB Incline Bench:

Try using a medball to prop yourself up on with your upper back while sitting on the floor. Great sub and works well. Each set should be near but not too failure. Rest 2 min between each set.

ACF – May 14, 2019



Some lunging and pulling! Lunges will have the weight stay the same across all rounds with the weight but the pull variation will be getting more difficult as the reps descend. Lunge should be something that you can do unbroken for at least the first round and in no more than 2 sets any later in the workout. Gymnastics pulling variation will require some pacing, especially once you get Into the muscle ups. Goal is to not go to failure and keep your rests between each set short. Focus on bringing your hips to the bar or rings on the muscle up and keep those elbows bent with short/choppy pulls on the legless rope climbs. If you don’t think you can get to the rower with more than a min to work adjust the loading or the rep scheme on the gymnastics pulling so you can.


If you have a handstand walk try challenging yourself with some small turns or building a fun course to navigate. If you don’t have them yet or are working to build some capacity here you can try some of the scaling options or work on static holds.

ACF – May 13, 2019



Lots of shoulders in this one with some heavier load. Keep in mind that once you get through that first round you are just about half way done with the workout. Work to drive yourself under the bar on the push jerk to save your shoulders. The push jerk should be done in no more than 2-3 sets for the first round. Same for the wall ball and this would be intentional pacing. Many of you may be able to do bigger sets than this but be smart so it doesn’t catch up to you too much. Lower the weight on both the barbell and medball if needed in order to meet the goal time domain but keep the reps the same.


3 Rounds

50 ‘ Plate suitcase Carry (right)

50’  Plate Suitcase Carry (left)

50’ OH plate carry

Have fun with this one and see if you can choose a weight that allows you to keep moving without putting the weight down the entire time. Great test for grip strength.


ACF – May 10, 2019


Snatch/Burpee Box Jump:

Light weight today which makes it a great opportunity to work on technique with cycling the barbell. I would suggest still working on a power snatch here but trying to minimize the dip in your catch position so that you can keep the bar moving quickly. Those burpee box jump overs are going to be a mental battle so stay in it with consistent pacing and small goals. Constant movement is the key but don’t be afraid to change things up a bit. 5 quick reps and 10 consistently paced reps, etc. This can help keep you occupied for the finish of the workout if you need to. Modify the reps to 35 and 70 if needed in order to meet the goal time domain.

ACF – May 9, 2019


Grunt Work:

This will take some strategy if you hit it up. Longer isn’t always better to start if you end up falling into shorter lengths with the farmers carry later in the workout. You may consider taking a bit of a break after the set of deadlifts before starting the carry just so you can get a longer carry distance.


ACF – May 7, 2019


The Shaman”

Some descending reps with an increase in complexity with the barbell and gymnastics movements. Each AMRAP has a 3 min rest between so don’t be afraid to push the pace a bit on these and trust in the recovery.


Loading is reasonable and try not to break the DL into any more than 3 sets. This could also be a good game plan to save the grip and midline for the T2B. Same approach for the T2B with breaking things up.


Power Clean has some significant reps so chances are singles will be the best bet. If you have the ability to do some touch and go reps off the start of each round and finish it up with singles that will be a bit quicker. Work to keep the wall ball and CTB unbroken.


All reasonable sets and work here and with the low reps this will have some fast turn over. I would suggest singles on the clean and jerk because of this. If you don’t have a bar MU yet try a jumping variation so you can keep moving through the workout without worrying about getting in and out of bands.

May 6, 2019


Some Oly work to start off the week. Hang Power Snatch for some higher reps is going to naturally have you working with some lower weight since grip and fatigue will play a role in your work sets. Once you get to the singles you should be able to see some increase in weight. Goal should be focusing on consistency in both finding your hip pocket in the 2nd pull as well as foot position as you receive the bar. Make sure to use loadings that will allow for proper lockout with the elbows as well.

Optional Accessory:

You got it, get out on that jog. This doesn’t need to be a time trail where you are trying to set a PR. Just think about a good, hard run that you can keep a consistent pace with it… so a bit more than a jog 🙂

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