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ACF – March 12, 2019


Heavy Day! Deadlifts on deck with some varying rep ranges. I would suggest trying to keep that single the same weight across all of those work sets. The additional rep schemes surrounding it will make it more challenging as you go so don’t go for broke on the first set of 1. Good, quality movement, with heavy loading and working the lowering phase of the weight is what we are looking for and what will make you stronger in the long run. Rest no more than 4 min between each set.

3 Rounder:

If you are tuckered out on handstand walks and have done 19.3 within the past 24 hours swap out a double oh kb carry. Otherwise jump in on the handstand walk and continue to work positioning and capacity here. Modifications can be static holds on the wall, shoulder taps, or hs walk practice. Rounds are not for time so vary the weight as needed on the carrys and take time to develop good habits with the HS or OH movement.

ACF – March 11, 2019

It is a sad day to say goodbye (for now) but we are so proud of you Jenna. Wishing you all the best as you move to serve your country! You will be missed tremendously by your ACF family. I know we will all will miss that sassy spirit of yours. Keep up the good work 💪🏻💕



Getting in some dumbbell work with higher heart rate. The man maker sequence is listed in the notes of the workout and these take a bit to get done. Lots of pieces so if they feel “slow” for any reason don’t be surprised. Goal is to keep a consistent pace and keep moving. Burpees are done lateral over the dumbbell and with reps this small try to keep a strong pace. Relax those shoulders on the DU and see if you can get each set done unbroken. Keep the reps the same on this workout but adjust the loading as necessary in order to meet to goal rounds.

ACF – March 7, 2019


Heavy Day! Front Squat and Bench Press with the same rep scheme.

If you want you can even super set these to save a bit of time. Get in some good warm up sets for both of the movements before getting in the work sets. Since the reps are descending you should be adding weight to the barbell each set. Rest no less than 2 min and no more than 4 between your work sets. Goal should be no failed reps while still challenging yourself with the weight.

ACF – March 6, 2019


Great workout to test as a benchmark or set a new time to use for future reference. The thrusters are on the heavier side but regardless of what you use you should be able to get them done in no more than 2 sets with a short break. Scale the loading as needed in order to accomplish this. The ring mu can also be challenging but the same rules apply as the barbell. Take back the reps as needed so you can get them done in no more than 2 sets. This may mean you are doing 7’s or 5’s on each round. Sub out a low ring, jumping, or banded option if needed. Push the pace on the run but make sure you can get on that barbell quick for the consecutive rounds.

ACF – March 5, 2019


7 min:

Short one that is going to be a burner. Lots of DB snatches here but at the start of each min you have 5 burpees. Work to keep these quick but the db snatch should have an element of pacing to it. Try setting a goal of 8, 10, 15 reps, etc for each min and see if you can hang onto it. Knowing what your goal is will be helpful for you to get to the final goal rep range and keep you paced properly from the beginning. Great workout to learn pacing and trust in your fitness. Adjust the loading as needed in order to get to that goal of 70 total reps.

Handstand Practice:
Handstand Walk/Hold Practice is exactly that. Wherever you are along the spectrum here find a challenging piece to work on that allows for good position. We have some videos in the vault for you if you need some suggestions but getting inverted in one way or another is the idea as long as you can do it safely. This could range from static holds, to walks, or even some obstacle courses if you’re a ninja at them.

ACF – March 4, 2019


Overhead Squat:

Leading the training session with some heavy OHS. 15-20 min to build up and find a heavy set of 3. Goal should be no failed sets and the barbell should start empty. Take the time to do some good warm up sets with lighter weight before getting into the sets of 3 with bigger jumps.


Great workout in a bit of a chipper format with some higher rep work. Doubles are a good entry to get the heart rate up but sub out singles if needed. Keeping the reps the same if fine. Work to have a bit bigger opening set for the pull ups but keep the reps broken up so you avoid too much fatigue, especially for the shoulders with the OHS. OHS is a touch on the heavier side depending on the track but regardless, you should be able to get these done in no more than 3 sets with a short break between. Making the way back up the chipper and you may have to break things up a bit more but fight to keep that pace. If you are concerned about meeting the time domain try the following rep scheme (75-35-20-35-70) and keep the weight the same to change things up.

ACF – February 28, 2019



This is alternating between the set of swing and a min of rest. The swing should be done unbroken and the quicker you get them done the more time you will have to rest. Try a brief pause at the top with a loose hands to save your grip. This can help once you start to fatigue.


This is an old classic with some tweaks. We will be starting with the calories higher and adding 2 reps after 2 rounds completed at the same calorie count. This will minimize the volume and keep the intensity high. These typically start out “easy” and get hard very quickly. Just depends on how strong of a rower you are in regards to how quick it gets tough. Either way, see how far you can make it!


ACF – February 27, 2019




Another fun one with a bit different structure in regards to the DU penalty. Barbell should be loaded to something that you use with the workout “Isabelle” if you are doing it in 3 min or less. Each one of the barbell movements will have you breaking things up a bit but most likely much less on the push jerk than the snatch. Try knocking out a set of higher reps to start here and going to quick singles as needed to get to the 20. Similar with the gymnastics work. Some may be able to hold some bigger sets, others more broken up. Do what works for you so that you can avoid muscular failure. Small sets and short rests to keep moving is the key. If you break on the DU you have a 1 thruster penalty, but start where you left off on the doubles. Once you finish the first round stop at the 50 mark and reset for another set of unbroken reps. If you don’t have doubles don’t stress. Just sub out singles for the day. Adjust loading and reps as needed in order to meet the goal rounds.

ACF – February 26, 2019

*with remaining time Run for distance



Fun structure for a longer workout today. It’s basically a 40 min window to complete the work and have the remaining time be a max distance run. Make sure to modify or adjust the reps in the movement so that you can get back to the run around the 32 min mark. Ideally you still have a fair amount of time to get in some running. If your weather isn’t cooperating try a 3 mile bike as a sub for the run. Breaking up the front squats is obviously key but try to keep the first two sets some bigger rep ranges. Work to stay with a strong and consistent pace on the burpees knowing that you will still need to row effectively.

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