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ACF – June 24, 2019


DB’s and Burpee Pull Up: Getting in some dumbbell work! Loading is on the moderate side here so you should be able to move through this one with bigger sets on the clean and jerk. Focus on a strong a steady pace with the burpee pull up as these are easy to slow down on unintentionally. If you need to modify to keep the goal time try keeping the weight and movements but going to 10 reps of each.

Optional Accessory:

3 Rounds
25 Air Squat
100′ Farmers Carry (100/70)

3 rounds through this one and be flexible if you want it to be for time or just cruise through it and rest between round.  Farmers carry should be done unbroken so adjust loading as necessary.

ACF – June 21, 2019


On the 2 min:

Loading is light for this so feel free to adjust as you like throughout the workout but the set of 3,4,5 should all be without putting the barbell down. The single unders between rounds are there to keep your heart rate up as well as help you work on position for your doubles as well since they both apply. If you want to push the pace here get after it on the singles. Regardless, you may be surprised at how challenging this can become over the course of the workout. Who thought singles could get so tough!


Box Jump:

Box Jump for height
5 x 5
Notes: Rest 2 min between sets

Some fun explosive work to finish off the week. Treat this just like a heavy day and take the listed rest between each set. These do not need to be done with a rebound. I would suggest stepping off the box after each rep.

ACF – June 20, 2019



3 Rounder:

Tapping into some intensity with this one but it should be relatively short and sweet.  If you are feeling hungry to push feel free to go for it on this one. Clean and Jerk weight should be something that you can cycle so adjust weight accordingly if needed. Once you tire on the touch and go hit quick singles to finish out the round. T2B is going to be grippy so make sure you break these up into small sets with short breaks if needed in order to keep moving with the goal of working on cycling multiple reps.

Optional Accessory:

Plyo Push Ups

5 x 5

Have fun with these and keep in mind that this is mostly about keeping that midline in check when doing them. Avoid “kipping” them or doing the worm to try to get more height.

ACF – June 19, 2019



Heavy day for the week with some 3 Position Snatches. The 3 position work is great for all skill levels and although the loading will be limited you can still work up with heavy weights. Make sure your position is in check especially with getting the bar in the hip pocket as well as your receiving position. These things should dictate the loading.

Snatch Balance:

Should be good and warm by this point in the session so feel free to build up relatively quickly. If you aren’t comfortable reracking the weight on your shoulders make sure to drop the bar in front and clean it back up to the rack.

Optional Accessory:

Cal Bike
Notes: Rest the same amount that your work takes you or alternate back and forth with a partner.

Nothing like some bike sprints to finish things off if you like. Take note of the work/rest ratio here and do your best to make these a sprint. Being consistent is key but’s it’s ok if you blow up on one of these today 🙂

ACF – June 14, 2019



Such a great, classic “Hero” workout. Small rep schemes which should lead to quick transitions and steady movement. It’s a great way to work on some higher skill gymnastics work as well as build some volume there. Focus on kipping that dip in the muscle up so that you can save your pressing for the HSPU. Be mindful of your neck and keep good control on the HSPU.

Optional Accessory:

4 Rounds
15 GHD Sit Up to Parallel
100 meter Sled Drag (135/95)
Notes: Rest as needed between rounds

If the GHD sit up is new to you or you haven’t don’t this volume please sub out an abmat sit up. If you want to do 2 of the rounds with a GHD sit up to parallel that could be a good option to start building capacity here but please be smart as they can lay a whopping if you’re not careful. If you don’t have a sled to drag try swapping out a banded glute march.

ACF – June 13, 2019



A simple one but a burner with a bit of a “Jackie” vibe. The row should be paced but also trust that fitness and don’t delay. For most of us breaking early on the CTB is going to be a good idea to control the heart rate and keep the sets legit while avoiding muscular failure. Dig in on those thrusters. As usual I’m a big fan of the descending rep schemes. 12-10-8 gets you to 30 reps in no time. Just don’t delay getting on that barbell and if you feel good get in some bigger sets. Adjust loading and take the reps down to meet the goal time if needed.

Optional Accessory:

Single Leg Deadlift
3 x 10/leg
Hang Muscle Clean
3 x 10

Feel free to superset these movements if you like. Sets should not be to failure but challenging and successful. Rest as needed between sets but no more than 4 min.


ACF – June 12, 2019


Back to Back AMRAP’s:

1: Relatively low reps here so let’s try to keep that barbell cycling and the climbs consistent. Weight is something that should allow for that so adjust accordingly if needed. The rope climbs will slow you down a bit but work on keeping those elbows bent with short choppy pulls for the legless variation. Feel free to use your feet if needed.

2: Little buy in with the doubles but they shouldn’t take you much more than :90 sec to 2 min at the very most. DB is light so work on cycling this as well and quick transitions to the other hand. Make sure to bend those knees so you can save your back with the pull off the floor.

3: Just the bike for 1 min. Get after it and try to dig in here so there’s nothing left in the tank. If you don’t have a bike you are welcome to sub our a row.

Optional Accessory:


2 miles with a strong effort here. Don’t stress about a PR but we do want you to push the pace on this one so get good and warm for it if you plan on doing it. Try wearing a watch and seeing how consistent you can keep your pace on the second mile.




Heavy day with Front Squats!!! You have 20 min to build up to a heavy set of 4 today but we still want you accumulating a total of 5 good work sets somewhere along the way. This included any deload sets if necessary.

Some volume work to follow with a max set at 65% of your best set of 4 for the day. This is a 1 min effort so stick with that barbell. If you can’t squat anymore try to hold onto the bar in the front rack until the full min is up.

Optional Accessory:

5 Rounder:

5 Rounds for Quality
5 T2B w/ Medball in Feet
10 Single Leg Box Step Up (alternating legs)
10 Standing Teapot/side

Some midline work for quality today but if you would like to put a bit of a time element to it you can. These movements are inherently slower though which isn’t a bad thing. If you can’t do a weighted T2B just do them strict or regular. Box step up should have your leg set so your hip crease is below your knee when stepping onto the box. Standing teapots are 20 total. I would suggest doing all 10 on one side then switching to the other.

ACF – June 10, 2019


“Death By”

No barbell on this one. You will be starting the minute with the listed burpee reps and adding 2 each min. Make sure to get the heart rate up and get warm before starting this one since it’s going to get real fairly quick. If you don’t meet the goal rep scheme don’t stress but dig in on this one.

Optional Accessory:

3 Rounder:

3 Rounds NOT For Time:
100′ Double KB Front Rack Carry (70’s/53’s)
15 Hip Extension
Notes: Rest as needed between rounds

This is all about quality. Don’t prop the KB’s up on your shoulders but keep them in the front rack with your knuckles under your chin. The hip extensions will light up your back a bit with this combo so rest as needed between each round.

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