Building habits

2008 Olympic Gold Medal in the Snatch


Compromising your form on a particular workout to get a faster time will only screw you in the long run. Think of it like this, every rep you do is teaching your body a habit. The habit of correct form. If you do a strength WOD with 5 sets of 1 with great form that’s 5 reps. Then you do the same movement in a fast workout of 30 reps for time with sloppy form you have now created a deeper habit of bad form… So my point here is to make sure you are always thinking about doing all of these lifts correctly. Not only to develop great habits but also so we’re not seeing our athletes get hurt for a faster time that is irrelevant to your life outside of the gym. Remember, at the end of the day, you still need to be able to perform you daily duties. If you give yourself time and put in the work, you will get stronger, faster, leaner, or whatever you want out of Auburn CrossFit.




Thruster 95/65


Box Jump 30/24

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