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Your blood is gross

Please, if you bleed on a bar, pull-up position, ring or anything at all, CLEAN IT! If you don’t know how ask and we will help you. Not a whole lot needs to be said on this topic.

I hope you all got a little bit out of the Paleo talk on Saturday. It felt more like a Q & A to me, I liked it. I think we need do a little performance challenge to see how we progress while tying to implement this type of nutrition lifestyle. Let’s plan on something of that nature starting next week, all of your input is welcome!



3 minute of skipping rope

Double-unders if you’ve got ’em

10 burpee penalty for every mess up

to be paid at the end.





add up total score from every effort

Post score and thoughts to comments

the Auburn Journal

Heather getting serious with the kettle-bell swing


Check out this article about Auburn CrossFit in the Auburn Journal.  Thanks Sara for checking us out and giving us some local exposure.


Happy Birthday to Amy and Julie B. today and Zack tomorrow, I think Zack will be 21… If I miss your birthday on the blog don’t take it personal, Heather pointed Amy and Julie’s B-days out to me!


Regular workout at 9am, basic Paleo nutrition info at 10 and free introduction to Auburn CrossFit at 11.



1 bear crawl (down/back)

3 wall walks

6 cartwheels (3 each side)

9 air squats

As Many Rounds As Possible in 12 minutes

Post time and thoughts to comments

Paleo Info for tomorrow

Ok, so the computer that we did this doc on was stolen from our house in the break in. So, please print out this PDF document and bring it with you tomorrow. Bring something to write with. I will go over a few changes and walk you through the whole thing. Any skeptics out there who have something to say about my info,  save your breath!

Basic Paleo Nutrition Info

I can’t wait to get you all started on this Paleo deal! I’m pumped and I’ve had a great week at the gym. Thank you all for your hard work.





squat clean 135

ring dip


Stop parking in front of the only resident on the street. We are in a warehouse area with an actual house across the street, please don’t park in front of her house. She is a very nice girl and I’m sure she would appreciate us not parking right in front of her house. There are enough of off street and on street spots that we can steer clear of her house. Off street parking: in the lot by our garage door when MV automotive is closed and at the other end of our building where there is a big open space (could be our 2nd garage door if we grow soon enough). On street parking: anywhere except in front of the only house on the street.



take 20-30 minutes and

break a sweat working on a skill you want to be better at.

I will be there to help, and I will offer my advise on what you should work on!

Mobility anyone?


work up to a heavy dead lift

Post thoughts, dead lift load, and the skill you worked on to comments

Workout journal

Why keep a CrossFit/WOD journal? Simple answer, to track your progress.

Logging your daily WOD is how this performance based fitness thing works. If you don’t have a starting point, how are you going to know how well your performance is progressing? I know some people just want to workout, but why not be able to see the progress on paper?

What WODs do I recommend tracking.1-10 rep max effort lifts, hero WODs, benchmark WODs and different WODs you enjoy.

  • 1-10 rep max effort lifts would be a good place to start. Knowing what your (whatever) rep max was the last time you did it makes it easy to know where to start or to set a goal for your next 1-10 rep max WOD.
  • Hero/Benchmark WODs: Most of these WODs you will see again maybe multiple times. Knowing what your score/time was the last time you did a WOD allows you and your coaches to see your progress and how to approach it next time.
  • If you happen to enjoy a certain WOD and think you may want to do that WOD again during an open gym or on your own someday, log it in your journal so you can… TRACK YOUR PROGRESS!


Other things that might be beneficial to put in your journal before or after your WOD. You could use a scale from 1-10 or good/bad/tired/sick/stressed/whatever.

  • How you felt
  • how you ate
  • how you slept
  • stress level
  • anything else that could affect your performance

Happy journal-ing!




Three rounds for time:
Run 400 meters
21 kettle-bell swings 53/35
12 Pull-ups

WOD demo – video [wmv] [mov]

Post your time and thoughts to comments

Clean fun

I’m glad you all had fun with those squat cleans yesterday! I had a good time with all of the classes. You all did amazing and should be proud. Yesterday was a solid strength day and today we will be breaking through the wall and testing our endurance.


15 over head squat

30 push press

15 over head squat

30 sumo high pull

15 over head squat

30 box jump

15 over head squat

30 30 pull-up

15 over head squat

300 meter run

for time!

Use 75 pounds, 55 pounds or PVC as needed.

Nutrition talking

Look, I’ve heard all the comments about ‘Paleo’ since I started eating real food. And whatever, it’s that simple, real food. All I can say is don’t knock it till you try it. The results I’ve seen in myself and people I have trained and introduced “Paleo” to have been nothing short of amazing. We are doing a “Paleo” nutrition intro talk this Saturday at 10am. It’s all in the nutrition, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

If you’re interested in diving into the “Paleo” lifestyle, start looking at all of your meals this week. Start looking at all the grains, legumes, and dairy you eat and think about what your meals will look like next week without all of those things. Start to mentally prepare. The change itself is far less significant than the results you’ll feel and see!

For those of you interested, we will have a regular WOD at 9am this Saturday June 9th and the “Paleo” talk afterwards at 10. If you have no interest in learning and feel like you’ll have the desire to be combative and argumentative to the “Paleo” idea, please don’t bother staying for the info I’m willing to provide. There is nothing worse when you are trying to introduce a new concept to people than having a negative peanut gallery in the back talking shit! At the end of the day I am not a scientist or a dietitian, and I don’t play one on TV. I am a trainer and business owner, I am here to share my knowledge and experiences to help every one of you succeed. So if you’re open to learning and exchanging positive ideas, stick around for the info session.



Squat Clean


 Post your top weight and thoughts to comments



Denise with a fully extended burpee, even after 15 minutes!


First off, if you feel like you need more after a WOD, you probably didn’t work hard enough. CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movements, done at a high intensity. That means the time, type, load are all constantly varied. Just because a workout lasts for 3-7 minutes doesn’t mean you need to do another. That 3-7 minutes should have been done with some serious intensity. I understand if you are not at a level where your intensity can be that high. That is an entirely different situation and still doesn’t call for another workout. It probably calls for a little skill work so that you can eventually get yourself to a point where you feel like you are able to work at a higher intensity. If you continue to do more work without proper technique and ability you will always be at the same point, looking for more. One CrossFit WOD for a day should be more than enough for a normal human being (unless you’re training for a serious competition). None of us are going to the CrossFit games this year. So for now, lets build our skills and keep it to one WOD with a high level of intensity. Building a good solid base and a body and mind that are physically and mentally prepared for anything is my goal for all of our athletes at Auburn CrossFit!



Split Jerk



1000 meter sprint row

Post your thoughts, split jerk load, 1000m time to comments!


Missing faces

If you joined this gym for results, stay consistent. You need to make it work for you. Coming in once a week is not going to cut it. I understand people get busy from time to time and can’t find the time to make it in. You need to make the time if you want the results and if it’s important to you, you will. Doing CrossFit is more than just going to the gym. It’s more like a lifestyle choice. When you do certain lifts or WODs, you should always want to be better next time. So, you have to keep doing them. In order to keep doing them and get better at them you need to be consistent with coming in to the gym and take care of your self outside of the gym. Proper nutrition and stretching go a long way towards helping you reach your goal of living healthier, fitter, stronger, and longer life!

Results are earned not guaranteed!



AMRAP in 20 minutes


5 burpee

7 toe to bar

9 wall ball

Post thoughts and score to comments

Building habits

2008 Olympic Gold Medal in the Snatch


Compromising your form on a particular workout to get a faster time will only screw you in the long run. Think of it like this, every rep you do is teaching your body a habit. The habit of correct form. If you do a strength WOD with 5 sets of 1 with great form that’s 5 reps. Then you do the same movement in a fast workout of 30 reps for time with sloppy form you have now created a deeper habit of bad form… So my point here is to make sure you are always thinking about doing all of these lifts correctly. Not only to develop great habits but also so we’re not seeing our athletes get hurt for a faster time that is irrelevant to your life outside of the gym. Remember, at the end of the day, you still need to be able to perform you daily duties. If you give yourself time and put in the work, you will get stronger, faster, leaner, or whatever you want out of Auburn CrossFit.




Thruster 95/65


Box Jump 30/24

Post you time to comments

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