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Render The Fat

Picture from Render The Fat

Picture from

We had some more new athletes walk through the door today. You both kicked ass by the way, good job Brenda and Amber. So, Amber has a pretty cool blog going called, Render The Fat. She used to be a vegetarian and has now been 100% Paleo for 14-15+ days. Not sure, but there may have been a small transition into the meat world before Paleo… I personally think that’s pretty cool to find someone out there who cared enough to do the research on their own and make the necessary changes to be and feel as healthy as possible. Awesome job Amber! I also think it’s great that she is local to Auburn, is a culinary student, and wants to be a member at our gym! Pretty fantastic, right? Anyway, go check out her blog and give her a hi-five when you see her in the gym. Here is another link to her blog, Render The Fat!


Group/Team WOD

pulling out all the fun stuff!

250m row – “timer”

wall walk

tire flip

battling ropes

sledge hammer swing

double unders

slosh pipe front squats!

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Full Schedule

Keith getting after those OH lunges


Here is a look at what I am thinking for a full schedule starting in May. Please post in the comments section, what time you each plan on attending or your suggestions for a future schedule. This way we can all see what the overall vote is. For right now, everyone new needs to start with a free intro class. After your intro session, WODs will be mixed with experienced athletes and new athletes together. No one will be left behind!


Morning Schedule

WOD – 8:30 Monday-Friday

Evening Schedule

WOD – 4:30 Monday-Friday

WOD – 5:30 Monday-Friday

WOD – 6:30 Monday-Friday

Free Intro to Auburn CrossFit – 7:30 Monday-Thursday

Saturday Schedule


WOD – 10AM

Free Intro to CF – 11AM

What I would like for Future Classes

On Ramp Program @ 7:30 M/W/Th

Olympic Lifting Class @ 7:30 Tue/Fri


Power Clean


AMRAP in 9 minutes


9 hang cleans

9 box jumps

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And they keep on coming!

We had 7 new athletes in the box yesterday! People from all walks of life, we had a garage athlete, a brew master, yoga instructor, endurance athletes, a firefighter and more. Don’t be shy, come on down and see what the hype is all about! We are holding free intro classes for the rest of the month at 630pm and Saturdays at 9 & 10am. Sign up for your free intro!

This Saturday our friends from American River CrossFit will be coming up the hill to visit at 11am. Even if your not ready for a full on WOD, come on down to hang out and see what this CrossFit thing is all about. If you are ready for a WOD with other experienced Crossfitters, we’d love to see you here to represent Auburn CrossFit and the city of Auburn! The folks from American River CrossFit are a great group of people, they work hard and they like to have fun!


Today’s WOD

400m run

40 steps of over head walking lunge 45/25

20 ring rows

400m run

20 ring rows

40 steps of over head walking lunge 45/25

400m run

For Time

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Coconut flour tortilla

On Sunday evening Rosie made some Paleo tortilla-ish shell things. She got the recipe from her parents who have been following a Paleo nutritional program since February, good job to them! They are seeing some amazing results and feeling great! You’ll find that I enjoy posting about nutrition. With good reason, nutrition is where 80 plus percent of your results will be coming from!

Anyway, here is the recipe for the tortilla-ish shell:

1/4 cup coconut flour

1/2 cup water

1/4 tea spoon baking powder

8 egg whites

and mix them up

Put coconut oil in a pan, just enough to cover the bottom, cook like a pancake.

If you are down with some beef, add the yolks to your meat to not waste the yolk!

We had some white fish, mixed greens, hot salsa, olives, and raw cheese on top of the shell, enjoy!


Check out this video on the shoulder trifecta,

Trifecta: Shoulder Press, Push Press, Push Jerk



Push Progression

Shoulder Press/Push Press/Push Jerk-Split Jerk


15 Push Press

15 V up

30 Double Under (60 single skip)

10 minutes, As Many Rounds As Possible

Post rounds and thoughts to comments

Day one was a success, THANK YOU!

Opening Day at Auburn CrossFit 10am


Thank you to everyone who came out for opening day at Auburn CrossFit! I was excited to see so many people Saturday morning, I’m not sure I could have asked for a better group. The first couple to workout at ACF, Steph and Rich at 9 am killed their first ever CrossFit WOD! At 10am we had 7 athletes, WOW! Theresa worked her butt off even after she missed a box jump and got a scrape on her shin. Doreen went right to work and scaled the box jump to her ability and stayed with the group, nice work! Katy stayed after waiting for her ride, grabbed a bar and went to work on her lifting. Coach Ryan was there to help, thanks Ryan. Dominic and Hana, total athletes you guys ROCK! And Kelly, what a surprise that was! Thank you Jenny S. for telling her about ACF! Kelly was a client of mine at my boot camp in Elk Grove, and now she lives in Auburn (she used to drive from Roseville). Can’t forget Kyle he was a big help getting this place ready for the big day. Good job, Kyle! At 11 am Keith came in with an amazing display of athleticism, this guy is going to be hard to keep up with. I’m excited to see how this community grows. You all gave me confidence on what this community can and will be, thank you so much.



20 minutes of

building skills/learning the Dead Lift

or working up to a heavy set of 5



KB Swing 53/35


KB Facing Burpee

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