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ACF 12/19/12

The Dream Team!

Rosie and I are leaving this morning to visit family in Colorado till the 25th. Enjoy your time with Keith and make him WORK! And Keith,  take good care of the kidz while we are out of town, don’t let them get out of hand!



Ground to Overhead with a Plate (45, 25)
5 Burpees + 30 Double Unders


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ACF 12/17/12

ACF’s first group of competitors


Way to go ACF! This past Saturday a good size group of us met at 6am at the box and drove down to Fairfield to support and be a part of the Capoot Fitness Challenge. We entered in 3 teams and all three teams finished in the top ten. T and her partner Laura from ARCFit placed 8th, Kyle and FireSteve placed 5th and Molly and Jenny finished in first place. Congratulations to all of the competitors! Those were some grueling WODs that kind of even looked a little fun… Thank you to all of the support crew that came down as well and cheered on our fellow ACFers.


ACF Competitors and support crew


Holiday Schedule:

No Morning classes on Thursday 12/20

Regular schedule Friday 12/21

One class Saturday 12/22 at 9am

Closed Monday 12/24 and Tuesday 12/25




For time:
95 pound Overhead squat, 21 reps
42 Pull-ups
95 pound Overhead squat, 15 reps
30 Pull-ups
95 pound Overhead squat, 9 reps
18 Pull-ups


Capoot Fitness Challenge

What do you have in common with a Pez dispenser?


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Melly tearing it up on snatches last night



For those of you going to Fairfield with us on Saturday, we are meeting at the gym at 6am. If you are not going to make it down to Fairfield, we will meet you at Dingus McGee’s.



for time:

50 wall ball shots

rope climb, 5 ascent

40 wall ball shots

rope climb, 4 ascents

30 wall ball shots

rope climb, 3 ascents

20 wall ball shots

rope climb, 2 ascents

10 wall ball shots

rope climb, 1 ascents



I do not have extra-special athletic abilities, I have extra-special work ethic.

Running Tip: Toughen Up


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Kelsey graced the box with her presence last night!


Capoot Fitness Challenge – Registration will open at 7:30am and close at 8:15am. First workout kicks off at 8:30am.

A few of you have asked about nutrition for Saturday, here is a little guide for you to follow.

Quick ‘Game Day’ nutrition guide

6 am Breakfast (full meal)
830am WOD1 – followed by a post WOD meal (Carb/pro)
11am WOD2 (guesstimated time) – followed by a post WOD meal (Carb/pro)
2pm WOD3 (guesstimated time) – followed by a post WOD meal (Carb/pro)

Word is, we’ll be getting out of there at a decent time. That means the WODs will be some what close together, you might not need too many snacks outside of your post WOD meals. Better safe than sorry though, right? Plan ahead kids! I don’t want to see anyone walking around looking like they have no clue where or what to eat. Bring a cooler with A LOT of food. You’ll be doing 3 grueling WODs, you’ll need to be fueling up!

Oh, don’t forget we are meeting up afterwards at Dingus McGee’s for food and drinks!



OMEM for 10 minutes 3 position snatch (Technical work not maximal lift)



30 clean & jerk for time @ 135


Spelman Trades Sports For Fitness

All in


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