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Me & Rosie at Symbiosis


the Eclipse Stage at my brother's Festival


We had a great time, with some good music, incredible art, amazing people, and unbelievable people watching. It was a lot of hard work for a few days but definitely worth the time. Now I’m ready to get back to my line of work.



Three rounds for time of:
50 Double-unders
40 Sit-ups
30 Medicine ball cleans, 20 pound ball
20 Pull-ups
10 Handstand push-ups

WOD from 120518

WOD Demo with CrossFit Hampton Roads – video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov]

frustration and focus

Brit focusing on her Turkish Get Ups after being frustrated.

Some of you are about 4 weeks in to CrossFit and feeling great! Awesome job to you! Others may be feeling frustrated on different workouts because the movements can be difficult, or because they feel like they should be doing more or better. I can’t say that any of you are doing bad. I am seeing results in movement alone in each athlete that has been in the gym for the past few weeks. Even those folks that are coming in 2-3 days a week are seeing great results. All I can tell you is to keep coming, it takes time. I know you’ve heard it before, but its true, no one is perfect. Focus on what you are doing and what the goal is for each days WOD, do your best and you’ll be surprised with the out come.



AMRAP in 5 minutes of

5 Dead Lift

5 Hang Clean

5 Push Press

2 minute break between rounds

3 rounds

Zack is in the house!

I will be helping my brother out at the Symbiosis Gathering Pyramid Eclipse Festival for the next few days and Zack will be holding down the fort. Zack has some good things planned over the next few days. Don’t miss me too much, enjoy!


I would have posted a picture of Zack but he’s always working out with me so I don’t have any.



5 minutes jump rope practice

5 minutes pull/kip/butterfly practice


50 double/single skip jump rope

10 pull ups

5 rounds, not for time

Thoughts and comments

Stretch it out


We’ve gone over a few different stretches over the past month. By now, you have experienced something that feels pretty tight. Like I said to the 530 class last night, it doesn’t hurt because you are extra special, it hurts because that area is tight and needs to be stretched. What I’m getting at here, is if you feel something needs to be stretched, stretch it. If you need help with something, ask. You all know your bodies better than we do, your body is talking to you, listen.



KB madness 35/26


10 KB swing L/R

5 windmill L/R

20 KB swing L/R


30 KB swing L/R

5 windmill L/R

40 KB swing L/R


50 KB swings L/R

for time,

20 minute cut off

Post time/thoughts to comments

Fran time!

Mom put me to work for Mother's Day!


I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. We got a little work done at Mom’s new house in Nevada City! While I was pulling, tugging, cutting, lifting, and throwing all of these trees/bushes, I couldn’t help but notice (and share with you) how similar all these regular movements were to my everyday workouts! Just a little thought…


We are doing our next benchmark WOD today. This is ‘THE’ CrossFit benchmark, Fran! This is classic CrossFit, push/pull/squat all together. Get that heart rate up work hard and be done quick-ish! ENJOY!!!







pull up

(if you don’t have pull ups you will be doing ring rows)


you will get a 5 burpee penalty for each break you take during the pull portion of the WOD,

burpees will be completed at the end of the WOD

Post times and thoughts to comments

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day to all of you mothers. To the rest of you, you better do or at least say something nice for your mothers. I have 3 moms, so i guess I’ll be busy. Enjoy your day of rest, we’ll see you tomorrow for a little more fun!

Training hill! : )

Training Hill. I loved it! SUPER close to the gym, don’t be surprised if you wake up one morning and the blog says meet me at training hill. Don’t worry I’ll bring the kettlebells. I guess that means I’ll be running this trail 5 times in day if I hold class there…


Partner WOD

in 7 Min

max Turkish Get Ups 53/35

both partners will work at the same time


in 7 minutes

200 m row

max wall ball shots 20/14

one partner will row while the other attempts

to get as many wall ball shots as possible

Training Hill anyone?

Apparently this is Training Hill, doesn't look so bad...


Our friend Heather has invited us to RUN up Training Hill tonight after the 630 class. If no one shows up for the 630, we are heading out early. I think it would be great if its not just me attacking this lovely little hill. So, even if you are a usual in the morning class, come back out of your cave this evening, bring a friend/family and join us for a little extra fun!

I got today’s WOD from Keith, he did it with CrossFit Avalanche when he was a member up there in Kings Beach. Thanks for this one Keith!



squat snatch 135/95

ring dip

get as far as you can in 20 minutes

Post your time and if you’re going to join us for the hill!

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