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This Saturday we will be enjoying our time watching some of our athletes competing and representing ACF! I am excited to see where we stand as a team. I think we are pretty sick, but of course I’m supposed to think these sorts of things about my athletes…

Our man Keith passed his CrossFit level one test today! So get your selves ready for a new coaching style in the gym. Keith is awesome and I’m happy to have him as a coach for all of you. He is going to be raising the standard, be ready!


And don’t forget our festivus celebration on Saturday night!


complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

Barbell Complex @ 155/103

9 dead lift

7 rows

5 front squats

3 push press

after every other round push or drag a sled 200 meters 75/45


Kyle was loving the sprints!


Hey gang, I got a hot tip on some 100% Grass Fed beef for $3.95 a pound! We all know that is one hell of a deal. Let’s start a list to see who wants in and we’ll see what we can do.

Don’t forget to put your name on the whiteboard if you need a ride or can give a ride next Saturday. Don’t be shy people, our athletes need us to cheer them on!


complete as many rounds as possible in 21 minutes of:
21 thrusters 100/68
21 pull ups


The author of wheat belly – modern wheat a perfect chronic poison

More than just pants


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Just when you thought you couldn’t get full depth in a squat. Well done, No-Rep!


A few of our peeps will be competing in a charitable event in Fairfield next Saturday December 15th. I know some of you have been talking about going down to root your teammates on. If you’d like to carpool put your name up on the board in the box and coordinate a ride. I think Rosie and I will be riding down with H-Bomb and No-Rep. After the event is over we will be heading back to Auburn and meeting up at… Wait for it… DINGUS McGEE’s! Haha! What a name! Sorry, it just makes me laugh every time. So, meeting at Dingus McGee’s after for a winter solstice/holiday/festivus for the rest of us type celebration. A few of you said you’d rather have a little party at the box, we could do that on Saturday after rather than Dingus… Who’s in charge around here? Someone make a decision! Either way, be ready to cheer your fellow ACF athletes through some fun WODs for a good cause!


No WODs Saturday December 15th!


12 rounds

200m Sprint



CF Endurance Mobility Chapter
Exercising With Physically Superior Partners Makes You Better—Even if They Aren’t Real


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Denise is lifting heavy and Jason is clowning around!


I heard something interesting regarding ones health today. It went something like this: You can either pay more now and live a long, strong heathy life or pay more later in medical bills and being unable to function like you need to.

What are your thoughts and what does this statement mean to you?


push up
pull up
Toe to bar

10 things that happen when you begin CrossFit


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Heather and Brian ran in the California International Marathon this past Sunday with buckets and buckets of rain. Those two crazy people did very well considering the weather. Well done Heather & Brian!

Brian’s results:
Pace – 00:06:28
Split 1 – 00:35:36
Split 2 – 00:45:57
Split 3 – 00:46:06
Split 4 – 00:42:04
Finish – 02:49:45

Heather’s results:
Pace – 00:12:46
Split 1 – 01:07:00
Split 2 – 01:19:04
Split 3 – 01:41:13
Split 4 – 01:27:30
Finish – 05:34:49


strict press
push press


Three Critical Elements Sustain Motivation 

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This is the 500th Mobility WOD video! This guy has given so much to the CrossFit community with an unbelievable 500 videos and counting, all for free! It just shows how much this CrossFit community has to offer. When people get involved with their own little CrossFit community, they are not alone. We have support in a number of channels from nutrition experts, endurance gurus, K-star the Mobility guy and with the CrossFit Journal. I’m sure there is more out there and I’m sure you get my point. I guess I just think it’s pretty damn cool!



3 position Snatch, every other minute for 20 minutes


Capoot Fitness Challenge – Sign up!


Jenny getting after the TGUs with some big weight


CrossFit Solano Capoot Fitness Challenge is December 15. Theresa will be competing in this charitable event with an athlete and friend from American River CrossFit. FireSteve just found out that he has been bumped off the waiting list for the NorCal Masters and in to the competition. He would like to do the Capoot Challenge as a warm up competition. Any takers to be his partner? My understanding is that it needs to be a two person team and it doesn’t matter about male/female. If you would like to join in, find a partner and get signed up! Here is a link on how to sign up and the workouts you’ll be facing. Capoot Fitness Challenge  -AS OF YESTERDAY, ONLY 13 SCALED SPOTS LEFT- MAKE YOUR DECISION ASAP!

I know a few of you have expressed interest in setting up a team for the SacTown Throwdown. I feel like the Capoot Challenge would be a great place to start for everyone, make it happen people!


SPRINT ROW, rest as needed between efforts


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