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ACF – October 8, 2019


Day 1 of our Squat Development program. Pay close attention to what is limiting you in regards to mobility. Is it joint impingement or tight muscles. There is a difference and the approach will vary.

Heavy Day!! Who doesn’t love some bench press anyway. A bit lower rep scheme with descending weight which means these should all be heavy work sets. Don’t try to set a 5 rep max PR on your first set. See if you can keep weight consistent and increasing as the reps decrease throughout.

Accessory Lifts:
Single leg/arm lifts to finish things off. Superset these and keep the weight so it’s challenging and near, but not to failure on any set. Adjust loading as needed between each set and rest no more than 2-3 min between.

Optional Accessory:

  • For Time:
  • 30 Box Jump Over (24/20)
  • 30/20Cal Bike
  • Goal: Sub 6 min

A short little cookie for you that is a straight up sprint. Push the pace from the start and see if you can hang on for sub 6 min! Sub out a row for the bike with the same amount of calories if needed.

ACF – October 7, 2019


Such a classic and tough workout if you really get after it. Try to find an area that allows you to do the shuttle run in 50 meter increments. Even if you need to take that barbell outside. Loading is light so you should be able to get all 10 in a row on the first round if not all of them. Push the pace on that run and go or it.

Optional Accessory:

  • 3 Rounds for Quality
  • 50′ Waiters Walk (right)
  • 10 Standing Tea pot (right)
  • 50′ Waiters Walk (left)
  • 10 Standing Tea pot (left)
  • Notes: Rest 1-3 min between rounds. Athlete chooses the weight but it shouldb be something you can walk 50′ with unbroken.

Carries should be challenging but something you can do unbroken. The waiters walk will most likely be the limiting factor with the OH mobility playing a role. This is for quality so take note of the rest between rounds and goals.

ACF – October 4, 2019


Assessment 6:
Love this as a mobility test but you need to keep it legit to get the most out of it. This means not bottoming out at the bottom of the squat, paying attention to torso position, shoulder position, knees, heels, etc. Be honest and test it out.

Assessment 7:
Max Rep HSPU:
Max set planned for today but this should not be at the expense of proper mechanics. This goes for any variation of the movement we plan on doing. Try to have something set up that allows you to have a no less than 5 reps. This could be use of a band, knees or toes on a box, “Z” Press, or strict press, etc. If you have a baseline from the last time we did this in the spring use it today to see how you’ve progressed.

5 Rounder:
Nothing like rounds of “Helen” on the 4 min to push the pace a bit. You should be working to finish each round with :30-:45 sec or more to rest. If you’re a good runner and have some solid conditioning rounds may be closer to 3 min for completion. Try to keep things consistent throughout each interval and adjust the loading and reps as needed in order to get the rest suggested above.

ACF – October 3, 2019



Push the pace on the bike but make sure you can get on that barbell ASAP. Quick singles is going to be the way to go for nearly all of us. Try to keep each round consistent and fight for it on the last 3 min or so of the workout. Adjust the loading if needed in order to get the goal rounds. If you don’t have a bike sub out the same amount of calories on the rower.

Optional Accessory

  • Accumulate 50-75 GHD Plate Muscle Snatch (2.5 lb plates)
  • Notes: Each time you break do 15 Abmat Sit Up. Goal is to break no more than 4 times.


ACF – October 2, 2019


Assessment 4:
1 RM Snatch:
Third day in a row of training so take this with a grain of salt. Build up and find your max for the day. Go in confident, get warm, dial in technique with drills and lighter loading and get it done. Setting up something like an EMOM can be a great way to take the stress off as well and many times we see people hitting PR’s in these settings due to the less thinking and more moving approach. Totally up to you today.

Assessment 6:
Max Unbroken Wall Ball:
SUCH a great test of stamina and conditioning regardless of our height and weight.  If it’s helpful get your set up dialed in the warm up and mark your foot position on the floor so you know what works well when starting. Brining your hands back to your chest as the ball is in the air can help with shoulder fatigue but requires more strength in the squat and solid timing. Keep that breathing calm and in control to start. Dig in as you get to the higher reps.

ACF – Oct 1, 2019


5k Run…. You got it. There is something different about this than a row or bike that I think is super valuable that people underestimate. Using this as a baseline, teaching and working on some of the fundamentals of running, and learning sustained pacing and effort are just some of the super valuable things that you will be learning from this. Get good and warm, wear a watch if it’s helpful for pacing, and get after it.


ACF – September 29, 2019


1 RM Back Squat:
This is going to be a great opportunity to see how some of the power lifting work has been helping us and we can see where we are which is hopefully some progress. Keep in mind I’m a firm believer that lots go into 1 RM days with previous training, sleep, outside stress, etc. If you’re within 10% of your best I think you’re right where we need to be. Warm up appropriately for this and do some different build up sets if it helps you with taking some stress off.

Flow Workout:
Simple workout that you should just work to get done. Adding in the vest is a fun way to change it up and actually slows us down a bit to keep the intensity down a bit. If you need to sub out the sled drag try a 400 meter run with a plate or medal. For the rest of it just cruise through and use this as a way to move and get your heart rate up but not crush yourself. “

ACF – September 27, 2019


Benchmark Friday!!
Pulling out one of the Age Group Online Qualifiers this week as a change of pace. Low back will play a role in this workout so be mindful of bending those knees on the DL so you can use the quad save the back a bit with the OHS. Higher reps with that means descending reps can be super helpful. Trying for 12-10-8-5 could be a great starting point if not bigger sets depending on your confidence with the movement. Some may even go for it on the first round and see what happens. Relax those shoulders on the dubs.

Optional Accessory:


Banded Hamstring Stretch

  • :90 sec/side

Lax Ball in pec

  • 1 min/side

ACF – September 26, 2019


Optional Workout:
Run/Burpee Pull Up:
Simple and no barbell to deal with. Get good and warm for this so you can push the pace on the runs. Fight to keep consistent movement on the burpee pull up as these can be easy to slow down quite a bit unintentionally. This is going to be all about the lungs so trust that fitness and keep pushing.

Optional Accessory:

  • 3 Position Dumbbell Clean (choose a moderate weight)
  • 3-3-3-1-1
  • Notes: High Hang, Hang, Floor

Loving the 3 position work but with the dumbbells. This is a great way to change things up and help develop strength in other ways. Use weight that allows you to get all the sets unbroken and don’t be afraid to challenge yourself a bit. Rest as needed between each set.

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