Day one was a success, THANK YOU!

Opening Day at Auburn CrossFit 10am


Thank you to everyone who came out for opening day at Auburn CrossFit! I was excited to see so many people Saturday morning, I’m not sure I could have asked for a better group. The first couple to workout at ACF, Steph and Rich at 9 am killed their first ever CrossFit WOD! At 10am we had 7 athletes, WOW! Theresa worked her butt off even after she missed a box jump and got a scrape on her shin. Doreen went right to work and scaled the box jump to her ability and stayed with the group, nice work! Katy stayed after waiting for her ride, grabbed a bar and went to work on her lifting. Coach Ryan was there to help, thanks Ryan. Dominic and Hana, total athletes you guys ROCK! And Kelly, what a surprise that was! Thank you Jenny S. for telling her about ACF! Kelly was a client of mine at my boot camp in Elk Grove, and now she lives in Auburn (she used to drive from Roseville). Can’t forget Kyle he was a big help getting this place ready for the big day. Good job, Kyle! At 11 am Keith came in with an amazing display of athleticism, this guy is going to be hard to keep up with. I’m excited to see how this community grows. You all gave me confidence on what this community can and will be, thank you so much.



20 minutes of

building skills/learning the Dead Lift

or working up to a heavy set of 5



KB Swing 53/35


KB Facing Burpee

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