Contact Us

Email us to schedule a free introductory class.  We will introduce you to basic CrossFit concepts and perform a short, high intensity workout.

Come to Auburn CrossFit!  You have made it this far, so take the next step and sign up for a free introductory class where we will introduce you to basic CrossFit concepts, tour our facility, answer questions, and perform a short, intense workout.  Best of all, you will get to meet some of our enthusiastic and hard-working athletes that will gladly welcome you into our community.

We have two intro class times:
1815 (630pm) Thursday evening
0815 Saturday morning.

Please email us to let us know you would like to try Auburn CrossFit. Pick which ever intro class time will work best with your schedule. These classes will only be available on an appointment basis (i.e. email us to let us know you want to be there)

If you are unable to make one of our intro classes, please email us with your preferred availability and current fitness level. We will do our best to fill your needs and help make your transition in to Auburn CrossFit as smooth as possible.