Fran time!

Mom put me to work for Mother's Day!


I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. We got a little work done at Mom’s new house in Nevada City! While I was pulling, tugging, cutting, lifting, and throwing all of these trees/bushes, I couldn’t help but notice (and share with you) how similar all these regular movements were to my everyday workouts! Just a little thought…


We are doing our next benchmark WOD today. This is ‘THE’ CrossFit benchmark, Fran! This is classic CrossFit, push/pull/squat all together. Get that heart rate up work hard and be done quick-ish! ENJOY!!!







pull up

(if you don’t have pull ups you will be doing ring rows)


you will get a 5 burpee penalty for each break you take during the pull portion of the WOD,

burpees will be completed at the end of the WOD

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