frustration and focus

Brit focusing on her Turkish Get Ups after being frustrated.

Some of you are about 4 weeks in to CrossFit and feeling great! Awesome job to you! Others may be feeling frustrated on different workouts because the movements can be difficult, or because they feel like they should be doing more or better. I can’t say that any of you are doing bad. I am seeing results in movement alone in each athlete that has been in the gym for the past few weeks. Even those folks that are coming in 2-3 days a week are seeing great results. All I can tell you is to keep coming, it takes time. I know you’ve heard it before, but its true, no one is perfect. Focus on what you are doing and what the goal is for each days WOD, do your best and you’ll be surprised with the out come.



AMRAP in 5 minutes of

5 Dead Lift

5 Hang Clean

5 Push Press

2 minute break between rounds

3 rounds

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