heads up!

Ok, a few things:

Heads up for this Saturday morning schedule, we will be holding a regular WOD at 9 and 11. Free intro WOD will be at 10am.

Don’t forget to sign up today or tomorrow if you’re interested in the “special” membership pricing.

Click here and pick the option that works for you!

Next week we will be running a full schedule starting Monday. (schedule)

If you plan on coming to a class please sign up. If you need a time that’s not on the schedule, please contact me to let me know.

***The 8:30am class will start on Tuesday

Don’t forget to participate on the blog!


Partner WOD


wall ball

max rep pull up

one partner will do their max reps of pull ups while the other shoots their wall ball shots.

TIme and team total of pull ups will be the team score

Post results and thoughts to comments

4 Responses to “heads up!”

  1. Sara 2012-04-27 at 08:54 #

    What happened to the possible lunchtime workout?

    • Elijah 2012-04-27 at 09:08 #

      You want it? Let’s do it, check the schedule now!

  2. Brenda 2012-04-27 at 19:23 #

    All signed up and ready to hit it!

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