Kyle Madison

I have played sports all my life. I’ve been coached in basketball, football, track and a little baseball. I have also coached many teams in basketball, softball, baseball and football. Throughout my life I have taken a little bit from each of my coaches and I’ve applied it in my everyday life. 

CrossFit has been a lifesaver for my family. When I turned 40 I found out that I had cancer. It was a hard one to swallow! While I was going through chemo my wife started doing CrossFit. She found an inner strength that she never thought she had. It was pretty impressive, so as soon as I got cleared by my doctor I started CrossFit with Elijah. I barely made it through a seven minute workout, but I was hooked. CrossFit is the best workout I’ve ever done, and I’ve done a lot of them in the last 40 something years!

My goal as a coach is to make people strive to be a little bit better at everything they do.  The community of Auburn CrossFit compares to no other in my life. I hope to give everyone as much as CrossFit has given me.