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Look, I’ve heard all the comments about ‘Paleo’ since I started eating real food. And whatever, it’s that simple, real food. All I can say is don’t knock it till you try it. The results I’ve seen in myself and people I have trained and introduced “Paleo” to have been nothing short of amazing. We are doing a “Paleo” nutrition intro talk this Saturday at 10am. It’s all in the nutrition, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

If you’re interested in diving into the “Paleo” lifestyle, start looking at all of your meals this week. Start looking at all the grains, legumes, and dairy you eat and think about what your meals will look like next week without all of those things. Start to mentally prepare. The change itself is far less significant than the results you’ll feel and see!

For those of you interested, we will have a regular WOD at 9am this Saturday June 9th and the “Paleo” talk afterwards at 10. If you have no interest in learning and feel like you’ll have the desire to be combative and argumentative to the “Paleo” idea, please don’t bother staying for the info I’m willing to provide. There is nothing worse when you are trying to introduce a new concept to people than having a negative peanut gallery in the back talking shit! At the end of the day I am not a scientist or a dietitian, and I don’t play one on TV. I am a trainer and business owner, I am here to share my knowledge and experiences to help every one of you succeed. So if you’re open to learning and exchanging positive ideas, stick around for the info session.



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  1. Molly 2012-06-05 at 11:26 #

    103! woohoo! only fell once.

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