ACF – June 10, 2019


“Death By”

No barbell on this one. You will be starting the minute with the listed burpee reps and adding 2 each min. Make sure to get the heart rate up and get warm before starting this one since it’s going to get real fairly quick. If you don’t meet the goal rep scheme don’t stress but dig in on this one.

Optional Accessory:

3 Rounder:

3 Rounds NOT For Time:
100′ Double KB Front Rack Carry (70’s/53’s)
15 Hip Extension
Notes: Rest as needed between rounds

This is all about quality. Don’t prop the KB’s up on your shoulders but keep them in the front rack with your knuckles under your chin. The hip extensions will light up your back a bit with this combo so rest as needed between each round.

ACF June 7, 2019


Snatch and Press:

Another one from the Rogue event and this one is going to challenge both the bigger and smaller athletes. DB is definitely on the heavier side. If you have the ability to cycle this try some quick sets of 4 with a short break. This should allow for some faster and more consistent movement. The HSPU is going to be something that requires being smart on and not going to total failure. Make sure to break these up early on so you can keep moving through the workout.

Optional Accessory:

3 Rounds NOT for time
:50 sec Plank
100′  KB Suitcase Carry (right arm)
100′  KB Suitcase Carry (left arm)

If the plank gets “easy” try adding a plate to your back or doing it under the tension of a band. The suitcase carry is done with one arm so fight to keep that torso square to the wall in front of you as well as upright. Athlete chooses the weight and adjust throughout if needed.

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