Paleo Info for tomorrow

Ok, so the computer that we did this doc on was stolen from our house in the break in. So, please print out this PDF document and bring it with you tomorrow. Bring something to write with. I will go over a few changes and walk you through the whole thing. Any skeptics out there who have something to say about my info,  save your breath!

Basic Paleo Nutrition Info

I can’t wait to get you all started on this Paleo deal! I’m pumped and I’ve had a great week at the gym. Thank you all for your hard work.





squat clean 135

ring dip

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  1. Jesse 2012-06-08 at 05:48 #

    Stick to Paleo + Intermittent Fasting and watch the fat melt off. Hardest part for me is just forcing myself to eat enough. After I figured out a few good meals that I could repeat and prepare in advance, I was golden. A lot of people have trouble giving up the alcohol. I recommend cleaning out your house of all that garbage so you’re not tempted by it. If you must cheat, pick one day and go nuts, get it out of your system. If it’s impossible to find a healthy meal near your workplace, you’ve gotta bring it with you.

    I like to have more carbs on days I work out, post-wod. Less carbs, more fat on days I don’t work out. Don’t be afraid of the fat. Go with the thigh over the breast.. it’s going to keep you fuller longer, and it’ll be about half the price. I like to get a little exercise in before my first meal of the day.. if I’m not working out fasted, a morning walk or brief jog is good. The sweet potato made a big difference for me on my second Paleo Challenge. The first time I avoided starchy carbs entirely and I felt hungry a lot but the post-wod sweet potato has been awesome for both recovery and satiation.

    If I have fruit, it’s usually limited to a strategically timed banana half or berries. Nuts are pretty limited as well.

    Anyway, good luck everyone!

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