Partner Challenge WOD

That was a tough WOD yesterday, that 53lb KB got heavy!!! Great job everyone! I know I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again, I’m so impressed with the results a lot of you are seeing. I’m noticing a lot of you looking trimmer and it’s crazy how strong some of you have gotten in such a short time. Keep up the great work everyone!


It’s August 1st people, I want to see some goals on the board before you leave the building today!


Partner Challenge WOD

3 Rounds

Partner 1: 800m run

Partner 2: max distance row

the challenge:

Get as many meters as you can while rowing!

Run as fast as you can so your challenger doesn’t get more meters on the row than you!


post your challenger and your meters


4 Responses to “Partner Challenge WOD”

  1. Elijah 2012-08-01 at 08:26 #

    Good WOD today! 2615m on the row for me. Challenger: Keith 2593m on the row. Close race!

  2. kyle 2012-08-02 at 08:28 #

    nice wod dan kicked my ass.thanks for the goodies molley.

    • Molly 2012-08-02 at 09:53 #

      you’re welcome! thank you for the muscle up tips 🙂

  3. Joe 2012-08-03 at 13:26 #

    Great refreshments! Thanks Molly

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