Denise with a fully extended burpee, even after 15 minutes!


First off, if you feel like you need more after a WOD, you probably didn’t work hard enough. CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movements, done at a high intensity. That means the time, type, load are all constantly varied. Just because a workout lasts for 3-7 minutes doesn’t mean you need to do another. That 3-7 minutes should have been done with some serious intensity. I understand if you are not at a level where your intensity can be that high. That is an entirely different situation and still doesn’t call for another workout. It probably calls for a little skill work so that you can eventually get yourself to a point where you feel like you are able to work at a higher intensity. If you continue to do more work without proper technique and ability you will always be at the same point, looking for more. One CrossFit WOD for a day should be more than enough for a normal human being (unless you’re training for a serious competition). None of us are going to the CrossFit games this year. So for now, lets build our skills and keep it to one WOD with a high level of intensity. Building a good solid base and a body and mind that are physically and mentally prepared for anything is my goal for all of our athletes at Auburn CrossFit!



Split Jerk



1000 meter sprint row

Post your thoughts, split jerk load, 1000m time to comments!


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  1. Zack 2012-06-01 at 10:43 #

    Me and Brit got our wod in down in Las Vegas. 5 rounds of 300m run 10 burpees 15 air squats. Got a few strange looks at the Las Vegas Athletic Club!

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