DISCLAIMER: This is not a cheap program.  We do not run specials or offer discounts.  What we do offer is a world class functional fitness program appropriate for all ages and abilities.


New CrossFitters must do our CrossFit Fundamentals Course, which includes 4 private sessions and the rest of the current month (unless other arrangements are discussed with coaching staff).

CrossFit Fundamentals Course – $250 per person


Membership – No contract required
$150 per month
$1500 yearly – PAID IN FULL
Couples – $250 we don’t care if you’re friends, lovers or whatever
(payment must come from same credit card)

First responder/fire/military/Student $125 (ID required)

Private coaching and personal training available, please contact us.


If you don’t like CrossFit, our coaching staff, or if CrossFit just isn’t for you, our feelings won’t be hurt. Just send us an email and we will cancel your membership. Please give your feedback and we will take it into consideration (bad or good). Please allow 10 days for us to stop payment!


Karma Program

Can’t afford the payments? Let us know, we are more than happy to work something out. What kinds of skills, tricks, talents or whatever, do you have? We might enjoy having a little help around here… Please don’t abuse this program, we are doing this to help those who simply can’t afford CrossFit but love the community.

Memberships are month to month, we know you’re not going to want to quit! If you need to quit because of financial reasons, refer to the Karma Program. If you do want to quit, again please give your feedback and we will take it into consideration (bad or good). If you are on an auto billing cycle please give us at least 10 days to stop the payment from automatically drafting from your bank account to ours.

We know life is not just black and white, if there is ever a problem please let us know!