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We had some more new athletes walk through the door today. You both kicked ass by the way, good job Brenda and Amber. So, Amber has a pretty cool blog going called, Render The Fat. She used to be a vegetarian and has now been 100% Paleo for 14-15+ days. Not sure, but there may have been a small transition into the meat world before Paleo… I personally think that’s pretty cool to find someone out there who cared enough to do the research on their own and make the necessary changes to be and feel as healthy as possible. Awesome job Amber! I also think it’s great that she is local to Auburn, is a culinary student, and wants to be a member at our gym! Pretty fantastic, right? Anyway, go check out her blog and give her a hi-five when you see her in the gym. Here is another link to her blog, Render The Fat!


Group/Team WOD

pulling out all the fun stuff!

250m row – “timer”

wall walk

tire flip

battling ropes

sledge hammer swing

double unders

slosh pipe front squats!

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  1. Cindy 2012-04-20 at 09:11 #

    Way to go Amber!

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