ACF – September 20, 2019


“Benchmark Friday”!!
One of our Icon benchmarks and it’s a long one! Higher volume as well so be smart and adjust the reps if you aren’t accustom to some of the volume like the GHD Sit Up or CTB Pull Up. Starting off with some bigger sets and going to small sets is key for these kind of workouts. Clean and Jerk is light but it’s fire! Suggesting quick singles here so you keep moving and it saves your grip and heart rate. Real crux of this workout is often the strict deficit HSPU at the end. If you need to take out the deficit or turn it into a kip to keep moving you can.


Couch Stretch

  • 2 min/side

Roll/Smash IT Bands and Calves

  • Total of 5 min

ACF – September 18, 2019


Heavy day! Hang Clean complex on deck and we want you hanging onto that barbell between each variation. Either one of these may be a limiting factor for you in regards to loading so be smart and let mechanics/position be your guide. Rest no less than 2 min and no more than 4 min between each set with a goal of all successful lifts.

Optional Mobility:

Banded Hamstring Stretch

  • 2 min/side

Roll/Smash Quads

  • :90 sec – 2 min/side
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