ACF – December 10, 2019

This is a great test of overall fitness with a little something for all of us. The thruster is on the heavier side but should be something you can complete in no more than 2 sets on any round. The same goes for the MU. Possibly 3 sets here at the end with short breaks. If you can do a bar muscle up and not a ring muscle-up then it is quite alright to do bar muscle-ups. We have included a video on the banded bar muscle.   If you need to modify reps to keep  moving please do. Push that pace on the run and try not to use it as active recovery. The goal is sub 15min and roughly 5min per round. Trust the fitness and get after it!

3xs Banded Shoulder Work:

  • 15 Banded Face Pulls
  • 15ea Single Arm Banded Pull Down
  • 15 Banded Press
  • Optional Accessory
    3 Rounds:

    • 100′ Sandbag Bearhug Carry
    • Notes: Rest as needed between round

ACF – December 9, 2019

Heavy day!! 3 Position snatch is coming from the high hang, hang, then the floor. As you are working focus on speed under the bar, lockout, and consistency with the foot position. We will be working from a true high hang position today so this should guide the loading. It is important that you are first and foremost safe and moving well. Take one lift every 2-3min and be sure to get nice and warm for this one. We will finish this off with some conditioning for those who want to get a good sweat in on a Monday!

–OTM x 8 min (15/13 Cal Row)
–Immediately Into OTM x 8 min (15/13 Cal Bike)

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