Temporary Closure

It is with a heavy heart that I have decided that it is necessary to temporarily close ACF until March 28 at which time I will re-evaluate the current situation. My primary objective is the safety of our community and following today’s announcements throughout the state and federal level I feel the prudent and responsible choice is a temporary closure. This is quite honestly one of the most difficult decisions I have had to make since taking ACF over. However, it seems necessary to do our part with the social distancing needed to help to “flatten the curve” and protect our surrounding community. ACF has remained open to this point because I believe that fitness and community are an important outlet in maintaining our health in a time of uncertainty, but it seems that decreasing opportunities for social gathering is in all our best interests at this time. I appreciate your understanding during this trying time for so many. I will continue to update you as we learn more.
During the closure I will continue to post daily workouts on the blog and through social media for our community to perform at home. This can be a great opportunity to work on mobility, recovery, and working on movements we may struggle with such as pistol squats, push-ups, squat depth/form, and even double unders. Grab a broom stick and work on some overhead squat form, get in some shoulder mobility with pass thru’s. Get creative and use gallon jugs with water for weight, fill a backpack with books, rocks or any added weight and hit our beautiful trails…put your fitness to good use!!
Again, my heart is heavy and I’m sure your is the same. I remain confident that we will reopen soon 💕.

Cinnamon and your ACF Coaches


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