Way to work!

Jason after the Filthy Fifty...


Man, you guys kicked ass! I was a little nervous putting this WOD out there but I am very impressed! And a great job goes out to everyone! I think we got a little glimpse of our competitive athletes, hopefully you’ll all join the ranks! My only critique is I think some of you need to believe in your body, believe it will move the way you want it to. Start believing in yourself as athletes, It may take a little time but you can and will do it.  Come in with some fire and move those hips like they were meant to move. Great job ACF!



barbell work!

dead lift/snatch/clean/squats/presses


We are going to go over a few movements and you’ll pick

your favorite. Then we will build a workout based on…

Heather’s Birthday!

Happy Birthday Heather!!!

 Thoughts and results, please!

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  1. Brenda 2012-05-05 at 08:13 #

    Found a good article on cinnamon (we had a discussion after the WOD) and I couldn’t remember the different types 🙂


    Filthy 50 in 38 minutes, phew!

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