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Why keep a CrossFit/WOD journal? Simple answer, to track your progress.

Logging your daily WOD is how this performance based fitness thing works. If you don’t have a starting point, how are you going to know how well your performance is progressing? I know some people just want to workout, but why not be able to see the progress on paper?

What WODs do I recommend tracking.1-10 rep max effort lifts, hero WODs, benchmark WODs and different WODs you enjoy.

  • 1-10 rep max effort lifts would be a good place to start. Knowing what your (whatever) rep max was the last time you did it makes it easy to know where to start or to set a goal for your next 1-10 rep max WOD.
  • Hero/Benchmark WODs: Most of these WODs you will see again maybe multiple times. Knowing what your score/time was the last time you did a WOD allows you and your coaches to see your progress and how to approach it next time.
  • If you happen to enjoy a certain WOD and think you may want to do that WOD again during an open gym or on your own someday, log it in your journal so you can… TRACK YOUR PROGRESS!


Other things that might be beneficial to put in your journal before or after your WOD. You could use a scale from 1-10 or good/bad/tired/sick/stressed/whatever.

  • How you felt
  • how you ate
  • how you slept
  • stress level
  • anything else that could affect your performance

Happy journal-ing!




Three rounds for time:
Run 400 meters
21 kettle-bell swings 53/35
12 Pull-ups

WOD demo – video [wmv] [mov]

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