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ACF – November 23, 2020

Front Squat

10 Rounds- 1 Rep on the 1:30
1 Rep = 1 Squat Snatch with a 2 second pause at the knee + 1 Squat Snatch

Reset at the start of second Rep- do not touch and go
Start at 60% of 1 rep max and build to 80% thru the 10 rounds

Then- not for time-
Strict Pull-ups
Box Step Ups with Empty Barbell

ACF – Introducing SugarWOD

Introducing SugarWOD

ACF is adding an incredibly valuable tool to your workout routine, SugarWOD. SugarWOD will help us further emphasize a supportive community, measure progress and continue to celebrate the success of your accomplishments.

Here’s what you need to get started:

1. Download SugarWOD from the App Store or Google Play.

2. Sign up for an account. Just use your email.

3. Choose Auburn CrossFit as your Box.

4. Start logging your workouts! WODs will be posted every night and you will receive notification once posted.

The use of the App is FREE with your ACF Membership!!

Get it TODAY!! Have FUN

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