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ACF – March 21, 2019


Optional EMOM:

Long workout with a midline vibe to it. The goal is to get more work in here but not beat you up. The get ups are slow and may take up most of the min which is normal. If needed try keeping the same weight but going down to 3 reps/arm to stay within the min. Weight on the KB Front Rack caret isn’t  bonkers heavy so all 50’ lengths should be able to be completed unbroken. The KB bear crawl is done with the KB between your legs/arms. Pull it through and ahead of you as you do the bear crawl down the room, alternating arms as you go.

ACF – March 20, 2019


Snatch Complex:

For many of us the hang power snatch will be the limiting factor here. For others it may be the power snatch. Either way we want you working on consistency with the pull off the floor and getting the barbell into your hips on the second pull. Work to create consistency on each one of the variations in the complex today. Focus on foot position and elbows locking out on your receiving position for all reps and have this be the guide on what weight you use. Adjust weight as needed across all sets. Rest no less than 2 min and no more than 4 min between each set.

ACF – March 19, 2019

goal: 4+ rounds per AMRAP

1 minute rest between AMRAPS


3 min AMRAP’s:

Each one of these couplets has a goal of 4 rounds or more in a 3 min window. Going to have to keep a strong pace and the loading on the barbell should be something that allows you to do the set unbroken for at least the first 2-3 rounds. Adjust as needed in order to do so. On the second AMRAP if you need to break the T2B up early on to keep moving do so. This could save your grip a bit and avoid fatigue for the later rounds. Each AMRAP has a 1 min rest between rounds so trust in your fitness and recovery. Work to keep the reps the same but modify the loading on the barbell if needed in order to meet the goal rounds for each one of the couplets. Hang on for that last AMRAP and fight to get that 4 rounds or close to it.


ACF – March 18, 2019


2 Rounder

Try starting out your set of clean and jerks with some touch and go reps. The loading on the barbell should allow for this. Once you get a good chunk in settle in with some quick singles to finish off the set. Row should be a strong pace but keep in mind this is going to feel more like a 2k row with clean and jerks mixed in. Try holding a pace that is a bit slower than your 2k if you know what that is. Regardless, you should be able to get back on the barbell without much rest. 2nd round may have you going straight to singles or some more touch and go depending how you feel. Keep the reps and distance the same but modify the weight if needed in order to meet the goal time domain.

ACF – March 15, 2019

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS 5:00pm!! Get it 🔥



Your speed on the first couplet is going to dictate much of what you are capable of in the second but this is still going to be a tiebreak time so don’t hold back. If you can do the snatches unbroken that is ideal. If not try not to break them into more than 2 sets. Muscle snatch variation is faster but will be more taxing on the shoulders for the additional movements so this boils down to personal preference. Otherwise a minimal drop under the bar with a power variation is a great idea. Take note of that burpee standard. From what I read stepping up is allowed! This will control your heart rate but it will be a bit slower. Set micro goals here and keep a consistent but strong pace so you can get immediately back on the barbell. The 3 min rest should have you moving around and stretching out your forearms. Avoid just doing the bacon sizzle on the ground and try to flush our your arms so you have some grip coming back for the bar mu. Same rules as the snatch here. Some of you will be able to go unbroken, others should be trying to do this in no more than 2 sets, and if this is a workout where you are trying to get your first bar mu be smart. Regardless focusing on hips to the bar will help you get that height and turn over you are looking for. Burpees on the second couplet should have the same approach but go for it on that last round!

ACF – March 14, 2019


Optional EMOM:

A mix of a light weight DB “D.T.” and some running. The DB’s should be light enough that with a push you are able to get the work done in roughly :45 sec or less, giving you some time to get ready for the run. Same goes for the 200 meters. You should be running in the door with at least :10 sec or more to rest before starting the next round. Lower the weight and shorten the distance if needed in order to meet these parameters in the workout.

ACF – March 13, 2019


Bar MU/Thruster:

Lower rep ranges for the most part here but definitely a challenging weight on the barbell for many of us. Reps are ascending so keep this in mind for both movements in regards to pacing. See if you can keep the bar muscle ups either unbroken or done in no more than 2 sets. They should be paced for the heavy barbell work though. Thruster weight is something you should be able to do at least 3 reps unbroken with when you are fresh if not 5. Lots of leg drive on coming out of the squat so you can save those arms for the pressing on the bar mu as well. Breaking them up is fine but it should only be done on the last 2 rounds. Adjust loading as needed in order to accomplish this and meet the goal time domain.

ACF – March 12, 2019


Heavy Day! Deadlifts on deck with some varying rep ranges. I would suggest trying to keep that single the same weight across all of those work sets. The additional rep schemes surrounding it will make it more challenging as you go so don’t go for broke on the first set of 1. Good, quality movement, with heavy loading and working the lowering phase of the weight is what we are looking for and what will make you stronger in the long run. Rest no more than 4 min between each set.

3 Rounder:

If you are tuckered out on handstand walks and have done 19.3 within the past 24 hours swap out a double oh kb carry. Otherwise jump in on the handstand walk and continue to work positioning and capacity here. Modifications can be static holds on the wall, shoulder taps, or hs walk practice. Rounds are not for time so vary the weight as needed on the carrys and take time to develop good habits with the HS or OH movement.

ACF – March 11, 2019

It is a sad day to say goodbye (for now) but we are so proud of you Jenna. Wishing you all the best as you move to serve your country! You will be missed tremendously by your ACF family. I know we will all will miss that sassy spirit of yours. Keep up the good work 💪🏻💕



Getting in some dumbbell work with higher heart rate. The man maker sequence is listed in the notes of the workout and these take a bit to get done. Lots of pieces so if they feel “slow” for any reason don’t be surprised. Goal is to keep a consistent pace and keep moving. Burpees are done lateral over the dumbbell and with reps this small try to keep a strong pace. Relax those shoulders on the DU and see if you can get each set done unbroken. Keep the reps the same on this workout but adjust the loading as necessary in order to meet to goal rounds.

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