ACF – September 17, 2019


Split Jerk:
A little “heavy, and then” today with the build up on the split jerk. The 15 min is from an empty barbell in the rack. Start off with some higher reps when the weight is light but see if you can get roughly 5 attempts with the heavy singles to find you heavy rep for the day with a goal of no failed reps.

3 Rounder:
Simple and complimentary movements for the most part with reasonable reps that should allow you to push the pace and keep moving through this one. Row should be no longer than just over a min and the push jerk is on the heavier side but should be done in no more than 2 sets any round. See if you can get the MU unbroken since it’s lower reps and rely on the efficiency of the kip, especially in the dip.

Optional Accessory:

  • 3 Rounds
  • 50′ Farmers Carry (heavy)
  • 1 min Banded Plank
  • Notes: Rest as needed between rounds.

You choose the weight and object for the farmers carry and have fun with it. It should be challenging but doable for all 50’ each round. Banded plank has a video linked for you for set up. Find a band tension that works for you and is tough for the 1 min something you don’t have to break up.

ACF – September 16, 2019


Some light weight and high rep work with the movements getting increasingly complex. Much of this work should be done in bigger chunks due to the weight and rep scheme. See if you can keep all movements to no more than 3-4 sets max to get them done with a short break. Adjust reps if needed in order to meet the goal time domain but try to keep it no less than 20.

Jump Rope Challenge:

  • 15 min Jump Rope

Digging in on the 15 min effort today on the rope! We know what the 5 and 10 feel like so lean on some of that technique and jump variations to keep you moving. By now you should also be able to adjust the rope to something you prefer to use and find efficiency with it.

ACF – September 13, 2019


Benchmark Friday!!
Ohhh “Barbara”. Some volume can be accumulated here and this workout can make us sore if we aren’t accustomed to it. My suggestion is to look at how many rounds of “Cindy” you can do in 20 min and use that as a way to adjust the reps and control the overall volume if needed. Otherwise push the pace and see what those interval times can be on each one. Riding a bike or rowing super casual between those efforts can help with recovery between and possibly reduce soreness post workout.

Optional Accessory:

Banded Lat Stretch  1 min/side

Couch Stretch 2 min/side


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